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Video Montages

What exactly is a video montage?  A video montage is a sequence of photographs, slides, or even video clips that have been carefully synchronized with your favorite music. Each visual element (i.e., photo or video segment) is seamlessly linked to the next image with high quality transition effects (the most common effect is where one photo appears to dissolve very smoothly into the next). At NWAVP, we skillfully produce montages using a leading edge digital video editing system. We then record the finished production to either a video tape or to a DVD. The result is simply stunning and very emotive!

  • Anniversary or birthdays videos start with childhood pictures, high school photos, wedding pictures, and progress through the years to the couple's anniversary.
  • A graduation video would start with baby pictures, then progress to yearly class pictures ending with the Graduation photos. 
  • Reunions of your family start from great-great-grandparents progressing all the way to great-grandchildren. It's a great way to learn the family's history! 
  • Wedding montages show the bridal couple, starting with childhood and ending with the engagement photo. 

All of our video montage packages include:

  • Our 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the video we create for you, we will give you a full refund.
  • Motion effects and transitions to turn your photos into a dynamic, fun-to-watch video.
  • Custom titles, captions and credits.
  • Custom-built DVD menus.
  • All of your retouched images in full resolution, stored on your DVD as jpgs.
  • Online proof prior to finished copy.
  • Two copies of your video on DVDs, in a case with label. (see photo)

Click here to view our sample video montages.


The "Just the Facts" Package - $129

Our entry-level package includes up to 50 photographs and up 2 songs. This would be a 4 to 5 minute video. We'll help you select music and images that will build excitement for a grand entrance. Whether you're introducing a newly married couple, the birthday boy (or girl), or even a winning sports team, we'll create something that will get the crowd fired up.

We can use to use prints, negatives and digital photos. We will professionally scan your images so they look their best in your completed video.

The "More than Just the Facts" Package, $159

Our more advanced package includes up to 100 photographs and up 4 songs. This would create a 7 to 8 minute video.

Once we produce your film, we want to make sure you're able to show it at your special event. We can refer you digital projectors, screen or large monitors for special events. See Video Projection.

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